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Paint / Illustration / Fun ThingS 


Blushing Bandit, Willamina, is a Canadian illustrator and visual artist based out of Muskoka, Ontario, Canada. She grew up near Toronto and moved to Vancouver Island to study Visual Arts in her late teens where she remained for almost 10 years. She now resides in Muskoka, Ontario and continues to be inspired by Canada's amazing landscapes and foliage from both British Columbia and Ontario.


 Most of her work is playful, vibrant, and aims to make you happy. She has her own line of prints and merchandise that is inspired by beans, mushrooms, Canadian flora, and daily life as a human. She has worked on a variety of projects such as murals, Zines, album covers, festival posters, tee-shirt designs, greeting cards, website graphics, hand painted signs, logos, paintings and prints. She is excited to work with you on any ideas you might have for your brand. 

Her work is currently for sale on her website and in Pop's Sneakers in Bracebridge, Ontario.


She studied Visual Art and Political Science at the University of Victoria and completed her degree in 2020.  


2023, Muskoka Arts & Crafts Spring Member's Show, The Chapel Gallery, Muskoka, ON (GROUP)

2023, Dopamine, The Bracebridge Hall, Muskoka, ON (SOLO)



Frank Mighty


Playa Cabana

Music at the Meadows

The Riverbend Studio

Creekside Studios

Tall Pines Music & Arts Festival

Hot Dog Gurl

That Store in Gravenhurst

Pop's Sneakers

My Moon Collective

Blossom Plants and Goods

The Currie Brothers

Daughters of Indie

Climb Muskoka

Observe Impact

Greeting Cards for Assholes 


"Willamina created a beautiful, fun, and unique merch design for my music project, Frank Mighty. She took our initial conversation and direction to make something that I loved right away. She's incredibly communicative, patient, and receptive to feedback. Can't wait to make the next batch of merch with her :)" - John Traboulsi, Frank Mighty, August 2023

"Working with Willamina was truly a seamless and great experience. She was able to take our ideas and feedback and implement them with ease. I found it very refreshing to work with an artist that saw the vision of the project and wasn't afraid to ask the right questions to get us closer to the final product. Willamina was great at communicating between all parties and went above and beyond to connect with the printers to ensure all files were converted at the highest quality as our project moved into the production process. I would highly recommend choosing to work with her for your next project."- Kelsey Beesley, My Moon Collective, May 2023

We hired Willamina to paint the exterior of a vintage bathtub decor piece to use in our retail store and we could not be happier with the results! She was able to take our ideas, add her artistic touch and produce something even better than we had ever imagined. We are so impressed with her skills and professionalism and would recommend her any day!" - Evelyn Barkey, Daughter's of Indie, May 2023


Working with Willamina was amazing! She easily and seamlessly brought my vision to life. Her style is creative, unique and likeable. She communicated in every step of the process. My customers love it!" - Marley Lauro, Blossom Plants and Goods, May 2023


Willamina was amazing to work with for our branding project. Willamina’s attention to detail, consistent communication, and time management on the project made our vision come together quickly and easily.” - Bert Fielding of Observe Impact, February 2023

“Willamina is incredible to work with. Her strong sense of design, style, and professionalism have elevated our in-store experience and branding tremendously. Her images connect directly with the hearts and minds of our community.” - Dale Curd of Pop’s Sneakers, February 2023

“Willamina is professionalism personified. We (The Currie Brothers) asked her to create an album cover for an EP in the fall of 2022. She surpassed our exceptions with her production and creative prowess. She was extremely easy to work with, as well as friendly and efficient. A pleasure to work with. Highly recommend!” - Rob Currie of The Currie Brothers, February 2023

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